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Leadership Development Program

Great opportunity working with a progressive Catchment Management Authority in Victoria’s west.
Our brief was to design a leadership development program to guide the organisation and its people in the identification and development of potential leaders, whilst ensuring appropriate diversity across all job levels and job …

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Emerging Leaders

We thought we’d share some feedback we received recently from a group of managers who attended our Emerging Leaders (Frontline Manager) program last month.
Rating Scores

Overall assessment of program – 45% Excellent / 55% Very Good
Overall assessment of facilitation – 64% Excellent / 36% Very Good
Was …

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Addressing leadership behaviours. A performance conversation you have to have.

As part of my consulting work, I come across some interesting workplace environments.  Some with exceptional leaders and others that need to work harder than most in shifting leadership behaviours in order to bring about improved people and culture work practices.
If your employee surveys are …

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How to keep your job when the threat of losing it is real

At some point in your career you are likely to experience a major change taking place in an organisation you work for that may impact the security of your job. With so much uncertainty, you still have choices. What you say and do, now until a …

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HR Reporting and Analytics Mad Men Style

Paraphrasing Joan Harris of Mad Men – You’re “…in charge of thinking of things before people know they need them.”
Convincing the C-suite with viable HR reporting and analytics is like selling ice to eskimos.  The problem isn’t necessarily related to the importance of such data, …

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A Leadership reflection: “So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun…”

It’s that time of the year where we reflect on our achievements and start to plan forward on opportunities and challenges learnt for a better or different year ahead.
At The HR Landscape, 2014 has been an extraordinary year supporting extraordinary leaders in realising their full …

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‘One Team’ Programme

Attention Executive Officers. Are you seeking to build a unified leadership team in order to achieve strategic outcomes? Are behaviours getting in the way? Do you have a strategic imperative that needs to be addressed but progress is minimal because everyone is not on the same page?

The challenges cited above are some of the most common experienced by Chief Executives. Since 2007, The HR Landscape has supported many organisations through change and capability building programmes. With demand growing for such services we have designed a programme called ‘One Team’ to assist Executives and teams explore opportunities for change in culture and behaviours and to build sustainable strategies for improving individual, team and organisational performance

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