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Workforce Reduction Strategies

Jason deCaires Taylor

Picture: Jason deCaires Taylor – Underwater Sculptures
When an organisation is faced with major budget challenges, there comes a critical decision point regarding workforce composition and numbers. Workforce reduction decisions need to be made relating to; the number of employees an organisation can afford; the positions …

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Does your job suit your personality?

Certain personality types and styles gravitate to certain occupations.
When you have a well designed job matched up with the right person you are more likely to get better outcomes. The successful matching of a job-holder’s personality to the personality and unique requirements of the job …

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How to keep your job when the threat of losing it is real

At some point in your career you are likely to experience a major change taking place in an organisation you work for that may impact the security of your job. With so much uncertainty, you still have choices. What you say and do, now until a …

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6 Approaches for the successful devolution of people management duties to line managers

Further to our popular post on ‘Critical HR issues in the devolution of people management duties to line managers’, we have developed six proven approaches in which HR professionals can implement to ensure improved stakeholder relationships and uptake of HR duties by line managers.

Identify and …

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Critical HR issues in the devolution of people management duties to line managers.

With a new normal and continued  unprecedented global events, organisations are requiring their HR teams to act quickly and more strategically in terms of how and to what extent devolution of HR tasks to line managers are to be deployed.  In such markets, line managers …

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