Shifting leadership behaviours – a performance conversation made easy

As part of our consulting work, we come across some interesting workplace environments.  Some with exceptional leaders and others that need to work harder than most in shifting leadership behaviours in order to bring about improved business outcomes.

If your employee surveys are highlighting engagement issues, toxic environments of bullying or your organisation struggles to retain top talent then it’s likely you have a leadership issue in which expectations need to be reset.  However, having the dreaded performance conversation with a senior manager is not easy.  The greatest challenge is knowing how to start and structure the conversation.

Below is a performance conversation script that will help you set very clear expectations with a direct report whose behaviour needs to change.  The recipient goes away fully aware of the performance expectation and consequences if improvements are not made. The review closes with 3 strong assessment statements that leave no room for ambiguity.

Offer support through additional training and coaching to ensure your people are given the best possible chance of success and always critically assess your own behaviour in the process as role modeling desired behaviours starts from the top.


I will be placing a strong emphasis on performance and I need you to do the same by:

  • Continually encouraging desired behaviours through role modelling.
  • Encouraging and discouraging specific behaviours in the moment you see it or hear about it.
  • Setting clearly defined KPIs and empowering your team to take responsibility for the performance of their areas.
  • Being aware of your own performance and how this impacts the performance of others.

 As for my personal assessment of your performance I’d like to share the following:

  1. What I would like to see more of (highlight 3 positives/strengths) 
  2. What I would like to see improvements in (highlight 3 and clearly indicate by when these improvements need to be actioned. Offer the support you will be providing, including further training and/or coaching to ensure they succeed).
  3. What I would like you to stop doing (important to outline consequences if behaviours are continued)


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