Review and Redesign of Position Descriptions – International Passenger Rail

An International Passenger rail organisation engaged The HR Landscape undertake a review and redesign of the overall quality of position descriptions against best practice models. The reformatting and upgrade required the integration of corporate values and behaviours. The project delivered against a 3 Phase structured approach which included:

Phase 1 Review – assist HR group with the development of a communication plan addressing key drivers for the review and redesign of Position Descriptions; Collect relevant data associated with each Position Description by interviewing key Management and role incumbents; Determine measurable outcomes (KPIs) with regards to each Position Description by identifying and documenting the specific business requirements for each position via interview process.
Phase 2 – Assess against best practices – Measure, review and validate baseline indicators across Position Descriptions to comparable organisations where sustained best practices are evident; Identify the degree of alignment to best practices where relevant; and document the areas where Position Descriptions were at, above or below best-practice expectations.
Phase 3 – Design and Development

Position Descriptions have become working documents that are performance based and measurable. By truly imbedding core values into the duties of each employee, the organisation is able to build its desired culture.

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