Restructuring Organisations – a process of design and change



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Learn How to Restructure and Improve the Performance of Your Organisation by Taking a Whole-of-Business Approach to Change. Develop associated plans to support the design and implementation of a new structure and the programs  required to maximise improvements across organisational business systems, people and culture.

Restructuring organisations is a process of design and change.

It’s about taking a whole-of-business approach to change and developing associated plans and design principles to support the implementation of a new organisation structure and the programs required to maximise improvements across business systems and people and culture work practices.

This approach is centred around the belief that people and organisational culture have a profound impact on the success of organisations. A well designed organisation is not simply about the way an organisation’s structures.

A well designed organisation is about achieving organisational strategy by establishing clarity of purpose and aligning strategic outcomes with well-designed and defined roles and responsibilities and the establishment of necessary enablers for high performance, such as breaking down silos across teams and work groups, improving workflow, delegations, processes and procedures and systems (performance management systems, learning and development, reward and recognition, information technology, talent recruitment and selection), for people and teams to efficiently and effectively undertake their role – which ultimately leads to greater engagement and performance.

We start with the strategic outcomes of any business and design plans and programs to maximise improvements to ensure every possible opportunity is identified for the successful attainment of strategic outcomes.

If existing jobs need to be redesigned or divisional functions are not aligned to strategy or perhaps behaviours are getting in the way and changes to leadership and culture are required. Additionally, you may have outdated people and culture work practices that are preventing the organisation and it’s people from achieving full potential – then attending this intensive 2 day training program, delegates attending this program will be able to develop an informed approach to organisation design and implement changes within their organisation to improve people and culture work practices.

Enabling objectives:

  • Understand the various models and approaches to organisational design
  • Understand the various structuralist views of organisations
  • Understand the principles associated with organisational design
  • Initiate a whole-of-business approach to restructuring and change (strategy, culture, leadership, supporting business systems)
    • Identify inefficiencies and duplication across functions, roles and business systems (workflow)
    • Implement the steps necessary for reviewing and designing organisational structures
    • Develop a change plan and supporting employee communication and engagement plan to support the design and implementation of new structure and the programs  required to maximise improvements across organisational business systems, people and culture.
    • Awareness of how to improve individual performance when structure is not the answer
    • Understand the redeployment process and transition into new and redesigned jobs
    • Differentiate between consultation and engagement during change
    • Identify a list of employee frequently asked questions and answers during major structural change
    • Understand the pathways to successful change
    • Steps in managing resistance and transitioning employees to the future state

Delegates receive:

A workbook to help apply learnings from the Program including tools and templates
A signed Certificate at closing ceremony
Morning and afternoon tea plus lunch

Who should attend:

  • Heads of divisions/departments
  • Team leaders / Supervisor
  • Anyone that’s interested in applying better practice approaches to change

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