Restructure Change Process Review – Health Services

The HR Landscape was recently engaged by a health services provider (government) to review the effectiveness of an implemented departmental restructure change process. The purpose of the review was to understand why the benefits of the changes had not been realised. Overall staff were less engaged and as a result, program objectives of an integrated functional operating model and a new way of working were being compromised. A culture of complacency and repeated issues of performance was also an identified area of change in meeting  compliance objectives and better community outcomes.  

Strategically the organisation wanted to create an integrated delivery model to better service chronic and complex clients and operate within the means of available government funding. The ‘people’ agenda (jobs, skills, behaviours, knowledge and supporting systems of work such as occupational health and safety) was central to achieving these desired outcomes.

The HR Landscape applied a number of assessments, designed and facilitated separate workshops with staff and management and held private staff sessions. The review process was comprehensive.  We identified a series of emerging issues and made recommendations on how the organisation could get back on track.  This included a series of high impact, low cost priority projects that had the highest probability of returns within the first 12 months of implementation. All proposed recommendations were endorsed and currently planned for implementation through the establishment of internal working groups.

Staff and Management found the review process incredibly beneficial and professionally executed with 97% of surveyed respondents recommending the program. Most cited reasons for why staff would recommend the program were:  

  •  Good opportunity to explore issues and reflect
  • Good way to de-brief through change process
  • Increased understanding
  • For the opportunity for people to express themselves without managers present
  • If needing clarification as to how to manage change in a workplace
  • Positive workshop to identify negative issues and team concerns regarding organisational restructure
  • I think a program like this would have been very useful before a restructure took place. It would save a lot of anxiety
  • Was very useful to have the opportunity to hear people discuss barriers which they were experiencing, similar to all

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