Regional asset optimisation review

THRL was engaged to undertake a comprehensive review of the built assets across Regional Victoria to ensure greater efficiencies and cost savings was achieved.  Additionally a review of base line alignments across two separate organisations was successfully undertaken as a result of a pending amalgamation. The review approach involved:
  • The assessment of metropolitan and regional assets (human capital and fixed assets/property) and the running costs of each regional office; value return of each property sale; population of ‘skilled practitioners’ per major regional and metro city; population of the general population per major regional and metro city; distance between regional and metro; strategic/Political position of the Commission for regional presence; on-site observation of regional offices and
  • Identifying alignment between the two entities and their functions; impact of IT systems on staff and practitioners; hours of operation and assessment of alternative location/s. This initial review resulted in a further extensive alignment review of complementary functions across both organisations for a possible amalgamation.

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