Rebuilding the people agenda

Prominent, industry leading early education sector organisation engages The HR Landscape in rebuilding it’s people agenda.

Following an extensive human resource organisation capability review, undertaken by Kez Tacar, a prominent, industry leading early education sector organisation has engaged the services of The HR Landscape in rebuilding the people agenda.

The review presented the following key recommendations, which have been endorsed for development and implementation;

  • Re-engineer  recruitment process through the development of a Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy and Plan (as part of the broader HR Strategy). A key outcome of a Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy and Plan will focus on reducing recruitment costs and attrition, creating financial capacity to offer industry leading pay rates necessary in retaining top talent when the opportunity to offer more workable hours is not possible.
  • Develop HR Strategy and Plan aligned with the organisation’s strategy. The HR Strategy will provide the necessary people and culture strategies and priority actions necessary to becoming a market leader in quality outside of school hours care. It will provide critical workforce planning and HR reporting priority outcomes and actions necessary to reduce attrition and improve the quality of recruitment with a focus on contemporary talent attraction and retention strategies to drive brand awareness and market positioning. Importantly it will create the means for innovation and continuous improvement.
  •  HR Function Redesign. Reorganise and rebuild the HR function with the necessary roles and capability.

The CEO’S vision is for the organisation to become the employer of choice for people serious about a career in Education. The people agenda is a leadership endorsed strategy that will require organisation wide commitment and responsibility. The HR Landscape is privileged to be supporting this organisation through this very exciting and pivotal change.

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