Organisational restructure and strategic human resource management

A State Government Regulator engaged The HR Landscape to undertake a review of organisational structure and design a new functional structure which best enabled this Government agency to successfully achieve strategic outcomes. The HR Landscape was also engaged in addressing various long term performance issues across technical and management roles.

During the review stage of the project significant deficiencies in processes; doubling up of functions and perceived levels of staff utilisation across various functions were identified and addressed.

Following the implementation of the new structure,  we were further engaged to strategically deliver a number of key organisational development projects aimed at enhancing leadership capability, performance and organisation wide design elements such as functional reviews and minimising duplication in functions across the agency. Broadly this included:

  • Design and implement human resource programmes and initiatives that enhance organisational capability aligned with strategic priorities.
  • Provide support and guidance to manage the people aspects of change initiatives and project management expertise to manage change; influence others to embrace the benefits of change to organisational culture and structure.
  • Enable managers to best manage their teams to achieve organisational objectives by:
    • Developing individual performance management and development plans
    • Plan, manage and report on people development initiatives, monitoring progress against plans and evaluating outcomes.
  • Facilitate the development of staff and managers by:
    • Coaching managers on best practice performance management,
    • Making use of appropriate performance development tools as a basis for development,
    • Providing advice and support to managers preparing performance plans for staff to support organisational goals, individual career planning and succession planning.
  • Undertake a comprehensive review of the customer service function and present options for possible restructuring and integration
  • Work closely with People & Culture to support the selection process of newly created roles within the new structure.

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