Organisational Design And Change

The HR Landscape, Melbourne takes a holistic approach to restructuring organisations and managing change. This approach is centred around the belief that people and organisational culture have a profound impact on the success of any organisation. Our management consultants assist clients in achieving organisational strategy by establishing clarity of purpose and aligning strategic outcomes with well designed structures, defined roles, responsibilities and performance expectations and the establishment of necessary tools (processes, procedures and systems) for people and teams to efficiently and effectively undertake their role.

Our management consultants start with the strategic outcomes of any business and design plans and programs to maximise improvements across organisational structures, business systems, technology and people and culture to ensure every possible opportunity is identified for the successful attainment of strategic outcomes.

Such processes are defined as organisational reform and transformation, which require practical change management strategies and plans to drive engagement and empower people to act and support the new changes. The HR Landscape supports organisations in the design and implementation of such initiatives.

Effective leadership contributes to the successful execution of any strategy and reform agenda. We build leadership capability through the process of design and change to ensure senior executives and managers manage the people side of change in an appropriate and consistent way to ensure collaborative and consultative approaches to change are undertaken.

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