‘One Team’ Programme

Attention Executive Officers. Are you seeking to build a unified leadership team in order to achieve strategic outcomes? Are behaviours getting in the way? Do you have a strategic imperative that needs to be addressed but progress is minimal because everyone is not on the same page?

The challenges cited above are some of the most common experienced by Chief Executives.  Since 2007, The HR Landscape has supported many organisations through change and capability building programmes. With demand growing for such services we have designed a programme called ‘One Team’ to assist Executives and teams explore opportunities for change in culture and behaviours and to build sustainable strategies for improving individual, team and organisational performance.

One Team ‘One Team’

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One Team is about breaking down silos and building the ‘collective’; resulting in heightened organisational performance.   Bringing teams together at strategic junctions throughout the year, we explore your specific business challenges and objectives and work with you on leadership behaviours and people and culture strategies necessary for successful attainment of these objectives.

‘One Team’ is a continuous improvement opportunity relating strategy and operations to the leadership behaviours necessary for bringing it all together and making things happen through people. We introduce you to team building and development initiatives that instil a united purpose and increase energy and engagement within and across teams.  Team commitments are made and outcomes specific to your organisational objectives are taken back into the workplace for implementation.

Sustainable success is all about follow through on commitments and agreed outcomes.  The programme offers check points at 3, 6 and 12 month intervals to ensure that the team is on track, with coaching support along the way.

When is the best time to introduce ‘One Team’?

Any time really, but here are some examples of when you can gain greatest benefit:

  • Prior to introducing a major change programme ie; a restructure, culture change
  • Appointment of a new Executive team
  • Appointment of a new Chief Executive
  • Appointment of a new Board with new strategic imperatives
  • At key points in the annual strategic planning cycle
  • When there is a need to align HR Strategy to Business 

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