Legal Services division structure review

Industry: State Government Regulator

Following the successful implementation of an organisational wide restructure for its’affiliated entity,  THRL was engaged by the parent Agency to undertake a structure review of the legal services division to ensure relevant resources and structures were utilised to support the service requirements of two Commissions.

The proposed new structure was grounded by various legislative/statutory requirements and designed taking into consideration the review and analysis of the following:

  • Legal counsel from the Victorian Government Solicitors Office
  • Legal Profession Act 2004 (Vic) and Practising Certificates
  • The Privacy Act (Part 3)
  • Staff and Manager interviews
  • The statutory requirements of each Commission as outlined in the Act
  • Rule 8 of the Professional Conduct and Practice Rules 2005
  • A cost benefit analysis of an in-house and outsourced model
  • Comparative analysis of similarly structured organisations

The proposed new operating model resulted in a cost saving of 20%.

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