Leadership – the ability to unlearn

The ability to unlearn - The HR Landscape Pty Ltd

We research widely to inform our approach and advisory services. Time and time again we come across an article that encapsulates very simply what it truly means to be a leader.  Mike Myatt and his summation of Miguel Helft’s assessment of a former Fortune 500 CEO. In short, Myatt writes – it’s never too late to be a good leader:

  • Take the time to learn before acting
  • Mend fences rather than building walls
  • Build trust across all constituencies, but particularly with the workforce
  • A strong culture is a performance accelerant capable of creating huge shifts in momentum. Some completely miss the biggest lever a CEO has to pull – culture
  • Take the spotlight off yourself, and shine it on those you lead. If you dismiss the opinions of your team, don’t be shocked when they stop sharing their insights
  • If the people you lead are afraid to make mistakes you’ll never see their best work
  • If you consistently tell people they’re not leaders, don’t be surprised when they start to believe you
  • Challenge your own thinking. The most profound and commonly overlooked aspect of learning is recognising the necessity of unlearning.


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