Leadership and Management capabilities

image: Good Boss / Bad Boss

To stay relevant, organisations require employees who are willing and able to perform at optimal levels.  This isn’t something you can mandate.  It requires leadership and management capabilities to create opportunities that are meaningful to the employee. According to the numerous research undertaken on employee engagement, the most cited reasons why Australian workers are considering leaving their jobs include:

  • Lack of challenging work
  • Underutilised skills
  • Toxic work environment
  • Micromanagement
  • Bullying

Overall, the research results attributed immediate supervisors and managers as primary reason why people leave organisations.

Managers and supervisors are essential in building and sustaining employee relationships. They need to inspire, motivate and manage for performance in order to achieve organisational outcomes.

Managers with the communication skills and behaviours to engage and motivate employees are also the most respected, with the highest performing teams. High performing managers and supervisors;

  • Communicate effectively, listen, ask questions and are aware of non-verbal messages
  • Properly manage and set expectations of colleagues and team members and communicate effectively
  • Effectively work with co-workers/staff and adapt communication style and manage their behaviour for more engaged and productive working relationships.
  • Effectively give and receive feedback
  • Confidently have under-performance conversations
  • Demonstrate leadership behaviours that result in reduced perception of bullying
  • Have the coaching skills for managing individual and team performance
  • They care and show humility

Encouraging the best from those that work for you are key learning experiences we explore in our Emerging Leaders and Front-line Manager program.  To ensure sustainable application of learning, post program coaching and support is available to all attendees. 

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