Does your job suit your personality?

Certain personality types and styles gravitate to certain occupations.

When you have a well designed job matched up with the right person you are more likely to get better outcomes. The successful matching of a job-holder’s personality to the personality and unique requirements of the job is no design accident.  The success of organisations are largely dependent on the right people in the right jobs.

Personality testing can be daunting, but a fun assessment called, Kingdomality developed in 1990 by Psychologist Richard Silvano buts a medieval spin on personality testing, based on 12 medieval characters symbolising vocation types and personality types.

An editorial review  of  Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management  by David Siegfried of American Library Association describes a chaotic kingdom not too dissimilar to organisations of today. Siegfried writes: “Kingdomality involves the story of a mythical king presiding over a chaotic kingdom in which nothing seems to get done because the subjects are unhappy, unreliable, and in constant conflict. Much like many nonperforming workers today, they have been assigned tasks that they are completely unsuited for. A visiting wizard grants the king one wish to straighten the whole mess out, delivering management consultant Lady Elizabeth, who introduces the book’s theory on 12 personality types and the jobs that make them happy…”

What medieval vocation suits your personality?  Are you a White Knight or a Benevolent Ruler. Or perhaps a Shepherd or Black Knight?

Is there a match with your current role and personality?

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The Book: Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management – January 5, 2005: by Sheldon Bowles (Author), Richard and Susan R. Silvano (Author)


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