HR Departmental Structure Review

Education Sector

THRL was engaged to provide independent strategic HR advice and be a sounding board to the Executive Director People and Culture relating to HR departmental structure review and design of the HR department and the development of a HR Strategy and Plan. This included support with regards to:

  • development of an overriding HR strategy aligned with organisation strategy
  • assistance with the review of functions / roles
  • recommendation of a new high level structure and supporting roles and
  • providing advice on current HR market i.e. top titles, salary ranges, candidate sources

Outputs included:

  • An agreed DRAFT HR strategy and plan
  • Roadmap of critical steps /directions necessary to restructure the HR department and how the HR department will support the organisation’s strategic endeavours.
  • Demonstrated alignment with strategic initiatives
  • Identification of critical organisational challenges prior to seeking broader stakeholder engagement and subsequent implementation.

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