Executive Coaching to enhance the performance of your team

Executive coaching is a solution-focussed approach to assisting individuals or teams to draw on their strengths and perform at their best. Executive coaches work with people to broaden their perspectives, increase their self awareness and craft strategies that will work for them in their particular environment.

Engaging a coach to work with your people can produce excellent results. A discussion between an individual, their manager and an executive coach can assist in defining clear objectives for coaching which meet individual development needs and align with organisational need and strategic direction. While coaching conversations between coach and coachee provide confidentiality for the coachee, an agreed accountability framework will ensure a focus on outcomes and action.

What can you expect from a coaching engagement with one of our experienced coaches?

 Increased self awareness: As executive coaches we work with individuals to understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their preferred style of thinking, communicating and behaving and the impact they are likely to have on others. We provide direct, objective and respectful feedback within a confidential and safe environment, thus enhancing the capacity of coachees to see themselves as others see them. This process can be assisted where appropriate by use of a diagnostic tool examining attitudes, behaviours and work preferences. Our coaches are accredited in a range of instruments, including:

  • Team Management Profile
  • Hogan leadership suite
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Lifestyles Inventory
  • DISC
  • Genos Emotional Intelligence
  • BarOn EQ

Clarification of purpose and values: Our coaches encourage individuals to articulate what they want to achieve in the current job and in their careers, what their values are and their degree of alignment with organisational purpose and values. Where there is lack of alignment, we encourage coachees to examine why this might be so and what options they have to address that misalignment.

Identification and actualisation of strengths: Understanding strengths and utilising them helps people to build confidence and develop a positive narrative, focussing on what they can do to change their own behaviour and achieve the best possible outcomes. In this context it is possible to address areas where there is need for development and to change behaviours and practise new skills.

Increased resilience: As coaches we work with individuals to identify ways to sustain energy physically, mentally and emotionally. We help people to identify habits and relationships which give them pleasure and will sustain them through change and other times when the going gets tough.

 Accountability for actions: We encourage coachees to accept responsibility for their thoughts, behaviours and actions. Only they can make a change and our role is to hold them accountable for actions which they identify and commit to. For the vast majority of people who engage in such a coaching process the result is greater self awareness, a commitment to action and improved performance.

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