Emerging Leaders

We thought we’d share some feedback we received recently from a group of managers who attended our Emerging Leaders (Frontline Manager) program last month.

Rating Scores

  • Overall assessment of program – 45% Excellent / 55% Very Good
  • Overall assessment of facilitation – 64% Excellent / 36% Very Good
  • Was the program useful/applicable to your work? – 64% Definitely / 36% Mostly
  • Did the program meet your expectations? – 100% Yes
  • Would you recommend the program? – 100% Yes

Following are comments participants included on their feedback forms at the end of day 2 of the program.

Topics / aspects that you found most interesting or useful

  • All topics were enjoyable and interactive
  • Identifying engagement types, where I fit in and Myers-Briggs
  • Tools, specific feedback examples, engagement, activities were great
  • 5 Levels of Engagement, Coaching Tools – GROW questions
  • Theories and tools in self-awareness
  • Emphasis on avoiding generalisation and being specific in communications and providing feedback
  • Sessions 3 and 4 – Building Engaged and Committed Teams, Effective Performance Conversations

Why would you recommend this program?

Greater understanding of personal / organisation behaviour

Helps to identify where you and colleagues are within the organisations

Provides insights and tools to help in our working relationships

Good range of topics. Varied presentation


Kez delivered a great training program designed to our organisational needs and priorities

Kez and Joseph provide insight into organisation behaviour in a pleasant, transitional environment

Interactive, informative, useful to apply to everyday work

Excellent food for thought

Empowering session with tools that enable the coach to apply tactics in real life scenarios

This workshop introduced tools and techniques which are simple and effective in improving my management technique

Great delivery of a program which has created awareness and the need to make time to communicate with others

Useful and real

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