HR Management Consultants

Highly experienced HR management consultants based in Melbourne, improving organisation capability and performance through people and culture reform programs.

Kez Tacar, our Founding Director and Principal Consultant is supported by a team of highly experienced Management Consultants and Executive Coaches with a common purpose – to improve the performance and capability of organisations through effective people and culture transformation programs.

We understand the challenges facing businesses and the varying degree internal and external environmental factors impact strategy and operations. The way businesses choose to organise themselves through structure, systems, processes, and the people they employ to drive the advancement of strategic goals, says a lot about what is valued.

Therefore the design of organisations and the supporting programs to improve performance becomes a key priority for businesses set on changing the status quo.

If it’s a major organisational change you plan to implement or a leadership development and coaching program to improve capability in managing change and/or leading teams, then our team of management consultants & HR experts are here to assist.

“The landscape of human resources has changed. You only need to look at the vast skills required to shift organisational performance to realise it doesn’t simply rest with HR departments. Let us help you explore new possibilities to realise true potential”.    Kez Tacar, Director


Executive Coaching Panel